Surf, kitesurf, windsurf and sailing pros talking about the FIFA World Cup 2014

What Pros Are Saying About The World Cup 2014

No matter whether you are in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia or any other part of the world, you must have noticed that there’s a true craze going on about football (or soccer if that’s what you prefer).

Eh, the good old 2014 FIFA World Cup is on in Brazil. And as they say, this championship gets football players, football enthusiasts and even the rest of the human kind together.

But does it get any attention from professionals of other well regarded sports? Let us find out…

Vic Wind looked up various pros from surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing world. And yes indeed, some of them have given into the craze of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

Check out what Sally Fitzgibbons, Nick Dempsey, the entire Australian Olympic Sailing team and many more pros say about football and Brazil.

Enjoy these tweets and join us all in the #WorldCup conversation.

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