Is Vic Wind available on Android?

Currently Vic Wind is available for iOS devices only. We are looking to release a version for Android so stay tuned.

How can I see more information about the wind for specific locations?

Tap on your preferred wind station on the 'Port Phillip' page or the 'Vic Coast' page. The Vic Wind app will open a new page with the wind speed, gust and direction chart.

Can I see weather forecast for upcoming days?

Oh sure, you can. Open the 'Weather' page and slide to the right or left on the area displaying day forecasts. By tapping on each day, you can find more information for that day. All forecast information comes from the BOM. You can also configure the weather location depending on your physical location, by selecting the configure button at the top left of the Weather page.

Can I customise from which location temperature readings are taken?

Yes, and that's very simple. Air temperature readings are shown on the Port Phillip and Vic Coast maps, as well as the Weather page. The Weather page temperature is displayed for the weather location you select. The Port Phillip and Vic Coast temperature readings are configured via the 'Settings' page. You can pick your favorite locations for air temperature that will be displayed on the Port Phillip Map and Vic Coast Map.

How do I customise maps?

Go to the 'Port Phillip' or 'Vic Coast' page, zoom in or out based on your preferences, tap on a setting icon on the top left corner of the screen and hit 'Save View'.