6 Best Freestyle Windsurfing Videos to Watch Now. #5 is Absolutely Sensational.

You have just discovered a list with the best of the best freestyle windsurfing videos. If you are like us and you love watching stunning sports videos, then we are pretty sure you won’t hesitate to bookmark these pieces of mastery.

Not only do these windsurfing vids feature the greatest windsurfing superstars, but they also reveal several spectacular freestyle windsurfing spots and mind-blowing freestyle moves. Get ready for inspiration!

Amazing what you can do with the wind!


“IMAGINARIUM gives you an inside view of the mind of professional windsurfer Max Matissek and pictures some of the imaginations he had during his Cape Town stay in February 2014. Beautiful girls, raining cacao, colorful creatures, fireworks and double loops are just a few of the things that are in his brain during warm South African nights.”

Windsurfing Moves: Burner, Double Forward Loop, Flaka, Air Flaka, Kono
Windsurfing Pro: Max Matissek
Windsurfing Location: Cape Town, South Africa


2. DSP | Everon ‘Tonky’ Frans

Great music, perfect wind and true talent Everon ‘Tonky’ Frans. Check out his freestyle windsurfing moves.

Windsurfing Moves: Burner (no handed), Forward Loop, Push Loop, Kono, Shaka
Windsurfing Pro: Everon ‘Tonky’ Frans
Windsurfing Location: Tarifa, Spain

DSP | Everon ‘Tonky’ Frans from DSPROMOTIONS.NL on Vimeo.

3. Over The Sea – Steven Van Broeckhoven

“Movie about the trip to Brazil… a little bit different one… A lot of sailing 3 trips around Sao Miguel de Gostoso, nice people, cool atmosphere… It should always be like that… fun sailing and not thinking about competition, etc… It comes so much more out of it… Most people who don’t compete know this but the riders, start to forget… You have to experience everything from the trip and just have fun sailing with your friends! Have fun and enjoy!”

Windsurfing Moves: Burner, Shaka, Flaka, Ponch, Air Funnel, Kono, Culo
Windsurfing Pro: Steven Van Broeckhoven
Windsurfing Location: Sao Miguel de Gostoso, Brazil

Over The Sea- Steven Van Broeckhoven from Andraž Žan on Vimeo.

4. Enjoy.

“In this video you’ll travel around Sao Miguel do Gostoso and many beautiful spots.”

Windsurfing Moves: Shaka, Burner, Funnel, Flaka, Culo
Windsurfing Pro: Julien Mas
Windsurfing Location: Sao Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil

Enjoy. from Bastien Rama on Vimeo.


“A superb high quality windsurfing clip of multiple time freestyle world champion Gollito Estredo. Rewarded was filmed at Gollito’s home and birthplace of El Yaque, Margarita and on the road in Sotavento, Fuerteventura, and Tarifa, Spain. Using the latest slow motion cameras and techniques, the movie highlights Gollito’s inspiring story from his humble childhood to becoming 5x world champion.”

Windsurfing Moves: Burner, Flaka, Shaka, Spock
Windsurfing Pro: Gollito Estredo
Windsurfing Location: El Yaque, Margarita, Venezuela; Sotavento, Cape Verde; Fuerteventura and Tarifa, Spain

REWARDED from Andre Paskowski on Vimeo.

6. IAE CARA – Brazilian

“IAE CARA is a new video including a firework of freestyle moves featuring the Brazilian Hugo de Sousa and the two Swiss windsurfers Jeremy Plüss and Loick Spicher at Camocim and Jericoacoara in Brazil.”

Windsurfing Moves: Skippy, Funnel, Burner, Spock-Burner
Windsurfing Pros: Hugo de Sousa, Jeremy Plüss, Loick Spicher
Windsurfing Location: Camocim and Jericoacoara, Brazil

IAE CARA – Brazilian

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P.S. Have you already started packing your board bags, sails and wetsuits to check out those windsurfing spots yourself? We are tempted!

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